Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fat Friday: May Goals

Well, April was a bust. I couldn't get myself together enough to control my eating. I did re-start the C25K program but after a month I have only gotten through week 3. Finding time to run when you have to little ones is hard. I will make it through though. It will just take a bit longer than I would like.

I'll be going back to work this month. May 7. That is either going to be great as I'll be helped by the routine and restriction of my lunchbox. Or I'll be stressed out by the craziness of it all and start popping M&Ms with reckless abandon.

In May, I really just want to kind of fall into a routine. A routine that includes calorie tracking and exercise. So my goals are simple.

May Goals:

Track Foods 95% of the time
Eat in calorie range 85% of the time
Choose whole foods
Cut refined sugar
Run 14 times
Blog 3x per week

Simple goals. Goals that are in my power. I hope it will lead to weight loss this month but it is more important that I am doing the right thing.

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