Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Post-partum faves

Ahhh, the post-partum period. Is there ever a time when you feel more beautiful? Not only do you have liquids leaking out of multiple parts of your body, you also tend to be covered in the body fluids of another, smaller, human being. If that weren't enough your body has the consistency of the StayPuff Marshmallow Man and you get suffer from sleep deprivation. Oh, and you may be in some pain.

These are a few of the things that I have found that made this postpartum time a little less gross than my first time around. 

Kickernappies Nursing Pads- I have tried both cloth and disposable cloth nursing pads and these are my absolute favorite. For starters, they are large so they cover a big area. This is a huge bonus in the middle of the night, in the dark, in a state of delirium when you are trying to get yourself together to go back to sleep. Smaller nursing pads that require more precise placement can be disasterous.

Second, they are stay dry. You do not want to deal with a cold, wet nursing pad. Trust me.

Finally, they absorb like a MoFo. This is a good thing, because you leak a lot. Which brings me to..

Milkies Milk Catchers- Oh how I wish I had had this thing the first time around. In those early days, when you nurse the baby on one side, the other spews like a open fire hydrant. This thing tucks inside your nursing bra and collects all that leakage to be used at a later date in a bottle. I have collected up to 2.5 ounces at a time in it. Any pumping mama knows that every ounce of milk is as precious as gold.

Mother Tucker Nursing Tank- At $80, this is an investment. But let me tell you when you are flabby and leaky and feeling very unpretty, having something that contains the flab is worth every dollar. This one works great and I love the pull over cups.It has an amazing ability to stretch and go over my hips while still being tight enough to suck in my tummy. Fabulous.

Woombie-This is not technically a post-partum item but as it helps your newborn sleep, I consider a post-partum essential. The Woombie is not like the standard swaddlers that bind the baby's arms to his side. Instead it is a stretchy "sleeve that you zip your baby into. He can still move his arms around but it is snug enough to keep the arms from flailing when the startle reflex hits.

Does he look hilarious in it? Yes! Does it work? Also, yes!

iPhone- For all those hours you spend nursing. One handed entertainment.

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  1. I have to look into the Woombie. Ada loved being swaddled but the only thing she couldn't break out of was the Magic blanket. This looks more humane!
    We'll see if BFing works for me this time. I hope so. If it does then I'll be sure to look back at these recs.