Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 Things To Love About Landry

With a second child, life is so much busier. I don't have the time to sit and around contemplate every little wonderful thing that he does. It makes me sad. I want the time to focus on every little miraculous thing he does. Because it really is all miraculous. The whole creation of life and then that life growing into a person is one huge miracle.

Now that I am back at work, I am missing my little guy so much. I miss Caroline too, but we have two years of this dance behind us. I know she is happy at daycare. But being away from Landry is new. I miss being close to him all day. But it does make me focus on the little wonderful things about him that I am missing desperately right now.

1. He loves to laugh. This is absolutely number 1. He laughs so easily. It takes nothing more than a smile in his direction for his belly laughs to get going. This bodes well for his temperament as a child I think.  Is there anything more wonderful than baby laughter? I think not. I defy anyone not to smile when they are in the presence of my boy's giggles.

2. He is content. I won't say he never cries. He most certainly does when he is not happy (which is every time he is in the car seat). But he doesn't cry easily and he doesn't cry often. We have, so far, once again been blessed with an easy baby.

3. His chub. I can kiss his chunky thighs forever. Smooch his little Buddah belly.

4. Snuggles. Baby snuggles. Need I say more?

5. He's tough. His sister is not always gentle with her love of her brother. He endures without complaint.

6. He sleeps. He generally wakes only once a night. When he does wake he nurses quickly and falls right back to sleep. This is a good, good thing.

7. He loves his mama. He loves his daddy too, but he has a special smile reserved just for me and it melts my hear every time.

8. He's special. He has been from Day1. He wasn't just another baby in the nursery at the hospital. He was the talk of the maternity ward because of his size. He has continued to be extra special every since that day.

9. His warmth. I don't mean his personality, which will no doubt be warm as well. I mean the physical feeling of his warmth against me when I wear him in the ERGO. If the studies about hip problems aren't enough to convince people not to use front facing carriers, the feeling of snuggly baby warmth against you in a tummy-to-tummy carrier should be.

10. He completes our family. He has found a place in our family seemlessly. Because it is where he belongs and it is hard to remember that he hasn't always been there. I found myself trying to remember what we did with Landry last year on Halloween, it was a few minutes before I realized that he hadn't even been born then. It is as though he has always been a part of our family.

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