Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I live for weekends

There was a time in my life when weekends were relaxing and unhurried. I woke when I wanted and left the house (or didn't leave the house) as I pleased. Getting out of the house was as simple as picking up my purse and walking out the door.

Those days ended the minute my daughter was born. Now sleeping in on the weekends means 6:00 AM and getting out of the house requires military style planning. And relaxing? Ha. ha, ha.

But, I still live for the weekends. It's when I get to spend time with my favorite people without worrying about whether the diapers or bottles are clean, if I have food for Caroline's lunch or if my commute is going to be straight out of hell that day.

So HOORAY for weekends! Highlights from this weekend.

Dinner with friends. The WHOLE family. Four adults, a twelve year old, two 2 y/o's and two infants. They loved seeing us coming.

Bathing Suit Shopping.  For months Caroline has been telling me that she wants a bathing suit with a matching hat and I just couldn't resist giving in to her desire. So Saturday we took a special Mommy and daughter shopping trip to buy a bathing suit. She wore the hat for most of the day. We finished up the outing by going downtown to try out the new cupcakery. Caroline was very excited to order her cupcake "with sprinkles" and hold and talk about her cupcake. But under no circumstances would she dare eat such a thing.

Girls' Night. I'm a girls' girl so spending time with my girlfriends is heaven for me. While my wonderful hubby took care of our babies, my friends and I went to see What to Expect When You're Expecting. It was better that I was expecting (ha ha). Really quite funny. And I loved getting catch up and laugh with my girls. And there was popcorn.

This weekend will be even better. 1) It is a long weekend! 2) We're heading my in-laws house in historic Chestertown, Maryland for the Chestertown Tea Party. We go every year and always have a wonderful time. I can't wait. It will be Landry's first time away from home.

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  1. Lovie and I were chatting the other day during our commute home and i was asking her a bunch of questions to which she could just reply with a yes or no (to avoid hearing Ma? Mama? Mom? Mama?!! six thousand times) and i got to asking about food. does she like cake? no. pizza? yes. fries? yes. cupcakes? no. cookies? yes. thank god she likes cookies at least. the weirdo. ;)