Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In the last 4 months..

Seriously, Worst. Blogger. Ever.

It has been four months since I last updated here. Four Months!! Wowzy. I have been busy. Probably, not so busy that I couldn't have thrown out a post here and there but busy.

We finished getting our house ready to go on the market and listed it on April 6. A crazy thing happened in our neighborhood, one house sold for an extraordinary amount and it caused everything to go insane. Everyone who was selling listed their houses for unthinkabley high numbers and our agent had us do the same and then all of the houses sat on the market. And sat. And so all of those prices started coming down, down, down until we finally hit the magic number and got a good offer. All is going smoothly with that we should be moving out in early July.

That, of course, meant, house shopping! Fun and awful at the same time. We knew our budget didn't allow perfection but it was challenging deciding what to sacrifice. My husband was pretty much willing to sacrifice the whole house for a great yard, while I had much more unwavering needs for my house. In the end we ended up with a good house with a good yard. The house needs some cosmetic improvements but the house itself is large and well laid out and the backyard and outdoor spaces are very nice. I'm really looking forward to making in our own. I don't want to wait 5 weeks to move in, even though I obviously need the time to move out of the old place.

So, exciting things. What else?

My daughter finished her first year of preschool and it really bummed about summer vacation.

My son is finishing up 4 months of eye patching and we will visit the opthalmologist in a few weeks to see if his bad eye got stronger.

Dance recitals, lacrosse tournaments, playdates, weekend trips to visit favorite family members, visits from other favorite family members


It's a busy, stressful, crazy time but very, very exciting.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Worst. Blogger. Ever.  Thank God, I don't blog as means to make income or I would starve.

I thought I would stop by my space here and update life. It's kindly crazy at the moment. Who's ready for winter to end? Everybody? Yeah, me too, we're just coming off of 20 inches of snow last week and it is snowed a couple inches twice since then.

Home: We are in the process of getting our house ready to go on the market. We have been meaning to do this for 4 years now but are fantastic at procrastination. It is time now. My daughter starts kindergarten in a couple years and we need to be settled in our new place by then. We just arranged to have every single floor (except for one closet) in our house replaced. It was not cheap but after years of living, and kids, and pets, it was not an option. We are replacing the carpet and vinyl on our main living area (kitchen, living room, dining room) with hardwood and I can't wait. We're working on a few other improvements too, Naturally, we are kicking ourselves for not doing this stuff sooner so we could actually enjoy it. The new kitchen faucet that my husband installed yesterday, cheap and easy. Why did we wait?

I don't know,
but things are moving and we hope to get it on the market at the beginning of April. Hopefully, it will sell quickly and we can start on the fun part,  house shopping.

Family: My son, who has a parylized nerve in his left eye that limits it's movements, is starting to favor his good eye and is at risk for losing accuity in his weak eye. So, we get the lovely task of patching his good eye for two hours a day to make him use his weak eye. Ha. Ha. Hahahahahahhahahah. I don't know if you have ever tried to patch a 2 year old's eye, but I don't recommend it as a good time. So far the longest we have managed to get him to wear it is about 20 seconds. If anyone has any experience with this and knows a good trick, I am all ears.

Health: Very quietly, I will mention that I have been on a weight loss path and have dropped 7 pounds since mid-January. That is all I will say for now.

Career: Nothing to report here. All of my focus is on the first three things.
Tin Can Knits Barley

Life: I was on a knitting kick for a while and worked my way through several of the patterns in the Tin Can Knits Simple series. Including the hat pictured. I am very much a novice knitter but I enjoy it and it will be something I can do when my sewing machine goes into storage. Speaking of, I am back on a sewing kick now and just completed Style Arc's Slip-on Suzie (sorry about the bathroom selfie) and am currently working on a muslin for McCall's 6696.

Style Arc Slip-on Suzie in ITY knit from G-street fabrics
I have sewn quite a few items in my current wardrobe but the craptastic winter with it's early sunsets, have hindered my photo shoots.

Anyway that's what I am up to. I'll be posting before and after shots of the home improvements. Should be fun!