Friday, May 18, 2012

Fat Friday: Closer than I was yesterday

I am down 3ish pounds since May 1. 

Things are going well. Two and a half weeks of eating well are paying off. Slowly but surely. I'll admit that I hoped to see a big loss the first week or two but it has been more moderate. That's OK. As much as I would love the great motivation that comes from a big loss, it is more important that I am doing the right things. And I am for the most part. I give in here and there but have basically kept the calories under control. I'll be happy though when I lose enough that a day of water retention can't make the scale fluctuate back up to my starting weight.

This weekend will be a challenge, dinner out tonight, a birthday party and dinner/movie with girlfriends on Sunday. I go to the movies so rarely that I will be indulging in some popcorn. It's not an everyday thing. It's barely a once a year thing. Hopefully, I'll be able to pass on the birthday cake (Birthday parties are constant when you have kids.There will always be more cake.)

I'm doing better at exercising than I could have imagined given the lack of free time I have these days.  I have found the time to go during lunch and I am on Week 5 Day 3 of the C25K and I've gotten some walks in. I tried to do yoga in my office today but it is about one foot too small for me to manage it. So I went for a walk instead.

One thing that has helped me this week:
-Planning my food in advance. I log everything in my lunch box plus my planned dinner into MFP in the morning. That let's me know how much wiggle room I have. Planning out my meals when I am not starving is key.

One thing that has hurt me this week:
-Co-workers bringing in delicious Krispy Kremes. I only had one but it's not something I would have sought out to eat had it not been right in front of me for an hour during a meeting. Worse, it put sugar into my system, which led to me wanting more sugar.

Here's hoping for more loss over the next week before the challenge of going out of town for Memorial Day weekend. 

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