Sunday, June 17, 2012

That's just my baby daddy

This guy:

He was apprehensive about entering fatherhood again when we got married. He was terrified when he found out we were having a daughter. But he fell so in love that he couldn't wait to have another.

He is the primary in project potty training of that same daughter.

He is known as the baby whisperer.

When I thought I couldn't make it through those painful, frustrating early breastfeeding days, he is the one that encouraged me and kept me going. One more feeding. Just till Sunday. Even though, he loves the chance to get to feed a baby. 

He thought I had lost my frickin' mind when I brought cloth diapers into the equation. Today he has his own diaper washing system, is sunning all the diapers and can fasten a mean angel wing fold.

He supports me in every crazy thing I come up with and goes with the flow. He is the master of living in the moment. He plays with the kids without worrying about what needs to be done. OK, I do wish he would occasionally worry about what needs to be done (laundry!!!) but I wish I could be more like him.

He's not afraid to get silly. He's right there on the playground with them. He plays princess when he needs to.

He is a babywearing MoFo.

He's come a long way and I am so glad to have him by my side as we raise these remarkable, wonderful, exasperating children. I am so glad he is the father of my children. They are lucky kids indeed.

Happy Father's Day!

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