Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Kick A$$ June

So May was something of a disappointment in the weight loss department. I think it may have been a bit ambitious for a stress eater to expect big results during the month I returned to work. But one big thing changes in June. My husband, a teacher, begins his summer vacation!!! And the kids are staying home with him.That means no more mornings of trying to get lunches made, bottles prepped, kids fed and dressed and out the door. No more evenings of rushing to wash bottles and diapers and wondering if my daycare provider will judge me if my toddler skips a bath tonight. No, starting next week, I get 8 weeks of only having to get myself out the door in the morning.

That eliminates a lot stress and frees up a lot of time. So, I plan to give June my all towards fitness and weight loss.

-Finish C25K and up to 3.1 miles. When I get to the last week of the C25K program and am running 30 minutes, at my current pace that will not be 3 miles. I'm pretty slow right now, averaging about an 11.5 minute mile. I'll get faster when the weight comes off but for right now, it is what it is. So I'll keep working to do 3 miles runs.
-Run 45 miles in June.

-Eat at or under calorie goal 85% of days.
-Track food 90% of days.
Perfection isn't going to happen.

3x15 every other day in June starting June 4 (I just decided on this today)

Also, I took an official before picture. Sidenote: I love these pajamas. They are Majamas and are nursing pajamas. They are so comfy I truly never, ever want to take them off.

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