Friday, March 23, 2012

Fat Friday

Lawd, I am having trouble getting on the weight loss wagon. I am knee deep in diaper laundry, covered in spit up, and sleep deprived. It's hard to feel like doing something healthy and good for me. Despite nursing a little beast that weighs 13 pounds at 5 weeks, I have not dropped a single pound since the initial post-partum drop. That leaves me about 19 pounds over my starting weight. Which was about 35 pounds over my ideal weight.

Nursing makes me hungry. What's more it makes me hungry for sugar, precisely Pretzel M&Ms. Eating those by the handful is not, I repeat, NOT good for weight loss. So I am going cold turkey on sugar. No sweets for a week. I have an addiction and I need to break it. I am on day 2 and it hard. I want goodies!!!! Though it is easy now that I am home from the delicious aisles of Wegmans. I am hoping this will help get my glucose levels evened out and cut my carb cravings so I can focus on protein.

In better Fat Friday news, on Monday I will be 6 weeks post C-section, which means that, with the Docs OK, I can start exercising. I can not wait to start the C25K program  again. I completed it last spring before I got pregnant and laughed at the idea of hard exercise. I am so ready to be a runner again. finding time is going to be a challenge but I will do what I can.

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