Thursday, April 25, 2013


What I'm watching:

I am a little embarrassed to admit what show I am currently obsessed with. But I feel the need to share. Especially with my sisters, who despite being well (very, very well) out of our teens still love a good teen drama. Pretty Little Liars. It is awesome. I am engrossed and currently working my way through the entire series. Thank you, Netflix, Amazon Prime and my beloved Kindle Fire. Watching these four girls try to figure out who A is, has taken up way too much of my time lately but I love it. Spoby forever!

What I'm reading...

I've got two books going on right now. One that I am actually reading (see above mentioned beloved Kindle) and one that I am listening to in my car during my commute. I go through a lot more books in my car than I manage to actually read-read. can you count them as read if you listened to them. I am, so there. 

Audio: Family Pictures by Jane Green. I've loved most of Jane Green's books. Yes, they are chick lit, but I am a chick. This is about two women who discover they share something in common, a husband! I am only about halfway through so I won't give any kind of synopsis. I'll just say that, as much as I love Jane's books, I'm not liking the "perfect" characters that she has incorporated into a few books lately. Like Callie in Promises to Keep, I find Sylvie to perfect to like and relate too. Maggie is a much more sympathetic character to me. 

Text: Where We Belong by Emily Griffin- I'm not very far into this one at all. Basic premise is a woman who meets the daughter she gave up for adoption 17-18 years ago. Again, I have like Emily's books in the past and I'm sure I'll like this one but I rarely find time for uninterrupted reading so it takes me a while to get though it. 

What I'm enjoying.....

Sewing: I'm seriously loving turning fabric into clothes. Imperfect clothes but I'm getting better all the time. I have a long list of patterns that I am coveting and an even longer project wish list. Now all I need is time and money.

What I'm digging...

Evernote: Where have you been all my life? Seriously, this makes everything organized and  accessible from work, home, phone, Kindle. Love. Love. Love. 

What are you loving right now?

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