Monday, August 13, 2012

To Butterbean on the occasion of his 6 month birthday

Oh my sweet Butterbean,

Has it really only been 6 months? Has it already been 6 months? It seems like you have been a part of our family forever and it seems like it was just yesterday that the anesthesiologist yelled, " Holy shit that's the biggest baby I've ever seen" as they pulled you out of me.

You are such a great addition to our family. I'll admit, I was nervous about you joining the crew. How would you fit in when I already gave my all to your sister? But you, amazing you, made my all expand and I can't even imagine our lives without you in it. We all smile when you're around. Even your big sister.

Speaking of smiles, yours is the BEST. It comes so easily to you. You are always looking for a reason to smile. And to laugh. I defy any person on the planet to hear you laugh and not get a huge smile on their face. It can't be done. Your laugh is infectious. And it is even better because you are so generous with it. A simple fake sneeze can send you into long fits of laughter. I can't get enough of it.

You are hitting some big milestones, sweet boy. You can now sit on your own. Your army crawl is so fast that soldiers should come to you for lessons. You are amazingly close to a real belly-off-the-floor-crawl. This morning you even gave me a kiss. Well, it was a rasberry on the cheek but I knew what you meant.

You are loving solid foods. You take after your mama in you extreme love of carrots. A special thank you for eating food that your mama makes you. Something big sissie would never do. That means you always get the good stuff.

But don't grow up too fast. I know you are anxious to keep up with your sister but you are my last baby and I need you to slow down a bit. I need snuggles and nursing and soft baby flesh. I'm not ready for you to run away just yet. But when you do know that your mama is always here with open arms to welcome you back.

I love you, Butterbean. Now and forever.


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