Monday, July 9, 2012

Catch up

:big, long, exasperated sigh:

Yeah, I've been absent. I got busy. Then I got stressed. That resulted in me dropping the ball on a lot of things. Blogging for one, by the time I sat down at a computer at night, I barely had energy to read a little Facebook or Pinterest before I passed out.

Fitness is the other area that went awry. And I don't mean a little. When I'm stressed I eat. My pills of choice in those times are M&Ms, I don't want to talk about how many have been consumed in the last 2 weeks. Also, I failed to plan. I wasn't planning my lunches or snacks and that resulted in trips to the vending machine and deciding on what to eat for lunch when I was already starving (Chick-fil-a, always Chick-fil-a). Worst of all, I haven't run or done any exercise in 2 weeks. I have excuses, it has been hot as a mother trucker so I can't go during lunch. My kids have been waking in the early pre-dawn hours which has made it difficult to go early morning (getting out the door when they are awake is next to impossible), I've just been so busy.

But things have eased up a little now and I am back on focus. I'll delve into the ugly on FAT Friday this week.

For now, some randomness of what has been going on in our lives:

  • My daughter starts ballet lessons today. She and I so excited. I try not to push her into the girly stuff but she makes her way there naturally and I refuse to be ashamed of loving every minute of it. There will be pictures. Hold on to your ovaries.
  • We found out last week that my son has a paralyzed 6th cranial nerve. That means that his left eye has limited movement. We were really hoping for a muscle issue rather than a nerve as there are fixes for muscle problems. There is nothing to do for the nerve issue. He will likely develop ways of compensating for the double vision that can come with it. For now we just monitor him and patch his good eye occasionally to make sure his left eye doesn't shut down. The ophthalmologist will be a part of his childhood. 
  • A couple of years ago we had our house on the market and put a lot of our junk in storage. The house didn't sell but we never bothered to take our stuff out of the storage unit until finally with a price increase up to $200 a month(!!!!) we finally cleaned it out. Now my entire bottom floor is covered in boxes of junk. I'm slowly going through it all and planning a heck of a yard sale in the coming months. Everything must go. 
  • We are less than 2 weeks away from our beach vacation. I am so excited to spend a week where the adults outnumber the kids!!!!!!

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